Dangerous Beauty (1998)

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Director: Marshall Herskovitz

Writer: Jeannine Dominy

Cast: Rufus Sewell, Catherine McCormack, Oliver Platt, Jacqueline Bisset, Fred Ward, Naomi Watts, Joanna Cassidy, Jake Weber

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Synopsis: A look at 16th century Venice during it's height as a powerful and independent republic. Barred from marrying Marco Venier (Sewell), the nobleman that she loves, the beautiful Veronica Franco (McCormack) decides to become a courtesan and thus gain power and influence with those that govern the Venetian Republic.

At one point she even influences the King of France to assist Venice in their war against the Turks. However, after plague strikes Venice she becomes accused of witchcraft by a former friend and faces charges in court, where she ably and vigorously defends herself and her gender at large. Witticism, decadence, tragedy, and enduring love all combine, resulting in a lively and entertaining period film.

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