Literary Movie Adaptations

Movie adaptations of classic literature were all the rage in the mid 90's (especially those of Jane Austen) and now they are making a resurgence once again ten years later. Many of the newest literary films are being adapted for the big screen with leading ladies like Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway. However, there has also been a resurgence, or rather a continuation, of classic literature film adaptations produced for TV by the ever productive BBC. These serialized TV episodes tend to be more faithful reproductions of the original literary works due to the larger blocks of time allowed for the story to be fully told, whereas those coming out of Hollywood have shorter running times and a tendency to exclude or gloss over vital parts of the original work. Nevertheless, the draw of high profile actors and actresses coupled with high-tech cinematography make them very appealing. Enjoy our ever-expanding list of period movie adaptations of classic literature.

Jane Austen Movies

jane austenJane Austen dramas have delighted viewers for decades and will surely do so for many to come. Visit our page dedicated to Jane Austen movies to learn more about her writing and view a complete list of Austen films. 

Charles Dickens Movies

charles dickensBleak House (2005)
David Copperfield (1999)
Great Expectations (1999)
Little Dorrit (2008)
Martin Chuzzlewit (1994)
Nicholas Nickleby (2001)
Our Mutual Friend (1998)

George Eliot Movies

george eliotAdam Bede (1991)
Daniel Deronda (2002)
Middlemarch (1994)
The Mill on the Floss (1997)
Silas Marner (1985)

E. M. Forster Movies

e.m. forsterA Room with a View (1985)
A Room with a View (2007)
Howard's End (1992)
Where Angels Fear to Tread (1991)

Thomas Hardy Movies

thomas hardyThe Mayor of Casterbridge (2003)
Tess of the D'Urbervilles (1998)
Under the Greenwood Tree (2005)

Henry James Movies

henry jamesThe Golden Bowl (2000)
The Portrait of a Lady (1996)
The Turn of the Screw (1999)
Washington Square (1997)
The Wings of the Dove (1997)

William Shakespeare Movies

shakespeareShakespeare in Love (1998)
Henry V (1989)
Hamlet (1990)
Hamlet (1996)
Othello (1995)
The Merchant of Venice (2004)
Much Ado About Nothing (1993)
Twelfth Night (1996)

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