Enjoy these period related websites

The Period Movie Review - A very informative site dedicated to historical films with a special eye to costume dramas. Regularly updated movie reviews along with wonderful screenshots and in depth commentary on period costumes.

Enchanted Serenity of Period Films - Another good blog about period films.  Lots of attention is given to period actors and recent period drama news and developments.

Costume Drama Reviews - A great blog with original and insightful reviews on the latest costume dramas. Focused mainly on classic literature film adaptations.

Just Period Drama - Centered around Jane Austen period dramas.  Includes some fun little quizzes and polls.

Long Ago Captures - Great information on upcoming historical movies along with regular commentary on period actors.  The screen captures section is a feast for the eyes.

The Costume Chronicles - A webzine publication with insightful and original writing on fashion, costumes, period dramas, and period literature. 


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