Foreign Period Movies

There are a great many period films in foreign languages as well.  Foreign filmmakers, especially French and Italian, have produced many exceptional period pieces that you'll certainly enjoy if you aren't put off by subtitles.  Or, even better, maybe you already speak their language. 

French Period Movies

The period piece figures heavily in the total number of French movies produced.  Moviegoers in France are fascinated with history and heartily devour the numerous period movies that are released in their language.  It is interesting to note however, that very few of these French movies cover subjects outside of their own history and culture.  While American movie houses produce films concerning every culture under the sun, French filmmakers and audiences seem only to be interested in their own.  But, it shouldn't surprise too many people to discover that the French are self-absorbed.  In fact, this self-indulgence has resulted in a large number of period movies of unrivaled authenticity, something that American studios often lack.  French movies will be your best source if you're looking for accurate treatments of their history or culture. 


Italian Period Movies


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