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There are plenty of movie websites around, but not many that are focused around period films.  We hope to fill that gap by providing a place for you to find the movies that you like, without having to wade through lists of other movie genres.

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Escaping into the past with a good movie

For those who love to revel in the distant and rarefied past the period piece offers many delights. Period dramas and historical movies give viewers the opportunity to escape an often dehumanizing world of modern technology and slip into a world where life was much simpler, more elegant, and much more pleasing to the eye.

With this person in mind we've compiled a list of the best period movies, period dramas, costume dramas, literary film adaptations, and historically based movies that transport you to that enchanted past.

What is a period movie?

In the simplest terms it is any movie that is set in the past.  Most often period films are set in a specific historical era and seek to accurately portray that era by employing the use of period costumes, hairstyles, language, and props against the backdrop of historical events. The term period movie is often used interchangably with period drama or costume drama. The costume drama label is one that usually applies to movies focusing on extravagant and sumptuous costuming to depict a previous era.  Period dramas usually refer to films adapted from a literary work (such as those of Jane Austen or Charles Dickens) and are most often set in the 19th century. 

However, there are no hard and fast rules for these terms and all of them are usually interpreted to mean the same thing.  The terms period piece and period movie tend to be inclusive of all of these titles, hence the name of this website, which deals with all of the above. 

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You can browse our period movie lists in numerous ways using the links to the right or by using our sitewide search box. Each of our movie pages offer you various options to purchase, rent, or even download the movies (and we haven't forgotten our UK visitors, we've included links to UK movie vendors as well).  Please feel free to join the conversation with other period moviegoers and leave your comments and reviews as well, we'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Please come back often, as we are constantly updating and expanding our list of movies. Also, please check out our links to other period related sites that will surely be of interest to you. We hope you will enjoy getting lost in the world of the past. Don't forget to bookmark and share this site with others!

Best Places to Find Period Movies

Period Movie DVD's - Amazon is the best all around place to buy period movies. Their huge collection of titles and low prices are simply hard to beat. However, in the near future we will be adding price comparisons with other movie sources to help you find the best prices.

Downloading Period Movies - Both Amazon and iTunes have large movie collections available for digital download and at unbeatable prices. Amazon's Video on Demand service not only allows you to download movies to your PC or Mac, but also gives you the option to view them on your TV using devices like TiVo and Roku. 

In addition, have a look at ZML and Movieberry.

Renting Period Movies - has the largest collection of period movies by far.

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